The Fleischer Exhibitions
Hidden Treasures - Russian and Soviet Impressionism
1930s - 1970s

The following has been extracted from the brochure used during the exhibition.

Alexei Belykh, Young Timber Cutters 83" x 72" o/c (detail)

Hidden Treasures: Russian and Soviet Impressionism 1930s-1970s represents the largest collection of museum quality Soviet and Russian art to be exhibited in a private American museum.

Fedor Shapaev, Not Far from the Motherland o/c, 48.5" x 78" (detail)
From the late 1930s, the Soviet Union commissioned its preeminent artists to create on canvas the Utopia they believed Communism would achieve. For more than 40 years, these artists painted with passion, making their contribution to furthering the cause. For this reason, this art has an inherent honesty that confirms its unique historical importance.

Erik Rebane, Into a New Life: The Virgin Lands, o/c, 63"x54" (detail)
Representing the work of some 75 artists, the subject matter ranges from bucolic vistas and industrialized scenes to sensitive portraits and still lifes. Many glorify the common laborer: steelworkers, farmers, milkmaids, and loggers; while others depict family and social life, with a few portraying political figures. Any political message is obscured or lost altogether in most of these paintings, which stand on their own artistic merit and historical significance.

Semon Rotnitski, Seryogo, o/c, 34" x 39" (detail)

Konstantin Dorokhov, September, o/c, 51" x 79" (detail)
Hidden from Western eyes throughout the Cold War era, this exhibition, and companion book, represent works that are bold, beautiful and steeped with light. The artistic quality of the works clearly show the mastery the artists attained.

Exhibition Catalogue


Hidden Treasures: Russian and Soviet Impressionism, 1930 - 1970s
ISBN #0-9617882-5-9
~ Text by Vern Grosvenor Swanson

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