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After a brief period of study at the University of Denver Art School in 1893, and a year at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Hanson Puthuff established himself in Denver in 1894 as a commercial artist, producing signs and posters for an advertising firm. In 1903, he moved to Los Angeles and together with art writer Antony Anderson founded the Art Students League of Los Angeles.

During the next few years, Puthuff painted on his own time while continuing to work for commissions, including a set of dioramas for the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. In 1926, he made the fateful decision to retire from commercial art and devote his energies to fine art. He travelled widely in California, painting rolling hills and canyons, as well as the High Sierras.

One of his first commissions after the decision to quit his commercial art career in 1926 was from the Santa Fe Railroad. Puthuff was hired to paint a series of views of the Grand Canyon which were to be used by the railroad for promotion and advertising. In March, 1927, a gala exhibition was held in the Santa Fe offices to show these magnificent works to the public. GRAND CANYON, a majestic painting of monumental proportions, remained for many years a part of the Santa Fe Railroad art collection prior to its acquisition by the Fleischer Museum.

Grand Canyon, 72.25"x96.12" O/C