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Few painters have ever captured the true, overpowering intensity of sunlight as well as Arthus G. Rider. His work instantly brings to mind that of the powerful Spanish Impressionist Joaquin Sorolla. As an American Impressionist, Rider stands without comparison as the ultimate practitioner of Impressionist color theory.

Born in Chicago, Rider studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, followed by several years in Europe. While in Spain he met Sorolla, who became the greatest influence in his style. He returned to Valencia for several summers and in 1923, served as an honoarary pallbearer at Sorolla's funeral.

In the late 1920's, Rider came to Southern California to paint in San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach. Favorably impressed by the climate and light of Laguna Beach, Rider purchased a house there in 1931. For more than thirty years he worked as a scenic artist for Twentieth Century Fox and Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios.

Spanish Boats, 40"x44" O/C

Rider's style is firmly founded on effective use of color. By applying complementary colors simultaneously, purple next to yellow, green next to red, Rider enhances the inherent brightness of these colors to produce the convincing effect of intense, natural sunlight. This is the essence of Impressionist color theory and when properly applied, the results are remarkable.